Second-major program in FSE

 The School of Fundamental Science and Engineering has implemented a second-major program for second year and higher undergraduate students in order to foster talented human resources with a wide knowledge and insight in science and engineering. This program allows students to take a second-major subject outside their chosen major course, and this subject may be selected from the six departments attached to this school. Taking a second-major subject will foster the development of students able to apply a wide variety of knowledge to their field of expertise and cultivate their ability to respond to differing demands at their future school or place of work.
 In addition, increasing opportunities to come into contact with teachers and students from different departments should help students expand their vital human network of Waseda associates and develop an interdisciplinary outlook.
 The second-majors degree program will allow students to obtain a double degree in subjects such as applied mechanics and computer science, computer science and intermedia engineering, or mathematics and applied mechanics. This will put them in a better position to reach their goals in situations such as the following:
1. Students who need knowledge in applied mechanics and computer science to build cars and airplanes;
2. Computer science (media) students who wish to gain an artistic grounding;
3. Mathematics students who want to have actual experience with fluids.
Upon recommendation, it is also possible for students to advance to a graduate school master’s course in the field of their second-major.

Common subjects in FSE

 To enhance education in fundamental subjects such as mathematics, beginning in 2012, the School of Fundamental Science and Engineering established common subjects. Taking common subjects allows students to gain a firm footing in science and engineering-based fields of study. This allows students to further their education by gaining a more fundamental understanding of their specialized subjects upon advancing to higher levels. It will also provide a foundation for technicians and researchers to go out into the world and build successful careers.
 The School of Fundamental Science and Engineering’s common electives for students in the second and later years must be taken according to the rules established by each department. A list of eight fundamental common subjects and the electives specified by each department is shown below.

Fundamental Common Subjects
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