Department of Materials Science

  • 材料科学専攻 平田 秋彦

    HIRATA, AkihikoProfessor

    ■Research Areas
    Physics of Amorphous Materials

  • 材料科学専攻  細井 厚志

    HOSOI, AtsushiProfessor

    ■Research Areas
    Mechanics of Materials, Fracture Mechanics

  • 材料科学専攻  伊藤 公久

    ITO, KimihisaProfessor

    ■Research Areas
    Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics, High Temperature Physical Chemistry

  • 材料科学専攻  岩瀬 英治

    IWASE, EijiProfessor

    ■Research Areas
    Micro/Nano Devices、Intelligent Mechanical Systems

  • 材料科学専攻  川田 宏之

    KAWADA, HiroyukiProfessor

    ■Research Areas
    Mechanics of Composite Materials, Strengh of Materials , Nano Carbon Materials

  • 材料科学専攻 国吉 ニルソン

    KUNIYOSHI, NilsonProfessor

    ■Research Areas
    Materials Chemistry, Quantum Chemistry, Reaction Dynamics and Kinetics

  • 材料科学専攻  丸野 健一


    ■Research Areas
    Mathematical Physics, Integrable Systems, Nonlinear Waves

  • 材料科学専攻 乗松航

    NORIMATSU, WataruProfessor

    ■Research Areas
    Solid state physics, Low-dimensional materials

  • 材料科学専攻  大石 進一

    OISHI, ShinichiProfessor

    ■Research Areas
    Verified Numerical Analysis and Its Application

  • 材料科学専攻  鈴木 進補


    ■Research Areas
    Material Processing (Melting, Solidification, Casting, Plastic Forming), Control of microstructure and macrostructure, High-temperature material, Light-weight material, Space Utilization

  • 材料科学専攻  高橋 大輔

    TAKAHASHI, DaisukeProfessor

    ■Research Areas
    Discrete nonlinear systems, especially discrete integrable systems using ultradiscretization method

  • 材料科学専攻  山本 知之

    YAMAMOTO, TomoyukiProfessor

    ■Research Areas
    Quantum solid-state science

  • 材料科学専攻  山中 由也

    YAMANAKA, YoshiyaProfessor

    ■Research Areas
    Quantum field theory, Thermal field theory, Foundation of quantum theory

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